A decade of bliss.

April 22, 2010

It has been 3 and a bit months since my last blog. What can I say, I am a woman of few words.

Ok you caught me, I’m actually lazy and forgot about this. Today is my oldest sons 10th birthday, I am also 33 weeks pregnant as of today which in itself is rather amazing. Unfortunatley my little bump has become more of a highly pressurized blimp. I hope my water breaks on it’s own as I think I would drown people should they happen to be “facing the flood”.

I look at my oldest son and think, you shouldn’t be here, which may sound mean but it isn’t.  Rick was given a 3% chance of survival when he was born.  I am happy to say he is perfectly fine, no disabilities, no long term effects, no nothing. They asked me if I wanted them to try and save him. For a few seconds they did nothing, waiting on me to decide his fate. Honestly I was thinking “could you ask a stupider question? of course I want you to save him”. What I actually said was “GO, GO, FUCKING GO!! DON’T YOU DARE LET HIM DIE!” and so they went.

That was the only time it crossed my mind that he might not make it, but then again when you have an entire team of doctors standing there waiting around doing nothing, of course you’d think he had a chance of dying.

It was a good day. I got him Pokemon SoulSilver, a Sony camera, Naruto: Broken Bond (on 360), and a Pikachu stylus. We also spent the night at my mums house which he loved, we went and saw How to train your Dragon which honestly was one of the best kids movies I’ve ever seen. I’m not kidding, this movie was incredible. The scenery, dialogue, action sequences.. everything was perfect.

Here’s to 10 more years of Awesomeness from the best oldest son I’ve ever met :3

Rick, 7 hours old

Rick, aged 10


Oh, the Ovaries!

January 15, 2010

Being the mother of 2 boys, now 9 and 7 I find myself rather worried as I lay on the ultrasound table again.

You see I am now 19 weeks pregnant with what is apparently going to be a girl. At first I was ecstatic at this proposition but as the excitement fades and the questions begin I find myself wondering…  just what do you do with a girl?

How do you change a girls nappy? How can I do a girls hair when I don’t even do my own? I’m lucky to drag a brush through it once a week. I put it up first thing out of bed and there it stays until I climb back into that warm comforting place I rarely get to see anymore. Am I able to catch bugs with a girl? Will my house be littered with Barbies shoes instead of hot wheels cars and Lego? I have heard from many that girls are notoriously worse than boys.

Both of my sons were a breeze; whether they were newborns, toddlers or now children, they are incredibly easy. Am I prepared for the estrogen storm that comes with a female? Will our cycles clash 14 years from now? What if she is a teenager like I was? If that is the case.. I am well and truly screwed.

In the end I realize that my little girl is exactly that, my little girl. Regardless of what may come, regardless of how much pink I drown her in. She is mine and I shall love her.. regardless.