Oh, the Ovaries!

January 15, 2010

Being the mother of 2 boys, now 9 and 7 I find myself rather worried as I lay on the ultrasound table again.

You see I am now 19 weeks pregnant with what is apparently going to be a girl. At first I was ecstatic at this proposition but as the excitement fades and the questions begin I find myself wondering…  just what do you do with a girl?

How do you change a girls nappy? How can I do a girls hair when I don’t even do my own? I’m lucky to drag a brush through it once a week. I put it up first thing out of bed and there it stays until I climb back into that warm comforting place I rarely get to see anymore. Am I able to catch bugs with a girl? Will my house be littered with Barbies shoes instead of hot wheels cars and Lego? I have heard from many that girls are notoriously worse than boys.

Both of my sons were a breeze; whether they were newborns, toddlers or now children, they are incredibly easy. Am I prepared for the estrogen storm that comes with a female? Will our cycles clash 14 years from now? What if she is a teenager like I was? If that is the case.. I am well and truly screwed.

In the end I realize that my little girl is exactly that, my little girl. Regardless of what may come, regardless of how much pink I drown her in. She is mine and I shall love her.. regardless.